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A rising tide lifts all boats!

Former President JFK

Careers at Full Spectrum Healing

If you are a clinician in the Austin Texas area, who is seeking to break through the glass ceiling and begin to provide services in more creative and functional ways, Full Spectrum Healing  wants to help you rise and shine! All of our providers are independent contractors, which means this is your business!  Providers join Full Spectrum Healing  as members of our team.  Training is provided to assist members in establishing their business and safely providing the highest quality of care through your unique style. 

Full Spectrum Healing serves children and adults in the communities where they live and work rather than in a clinical setting. This service model effectively allows integration of strategies into each client’s lifestyle. 

As members of Full Spectrum Healing, clinicians gain a platform where their home programs, client education, blogs and courses will be accessed by other clinicians, and clients. This aspect is unlike any other practice setting.  Through this video library, clinicians may direct their clients to the resources they need to promote success through the home program. Sharing contributions from a variety of clinicians exponentially increases that impact. 

Upload your courses for clients and CEU approved courses for clinicians!  Take part in collaborative presentations and workshops that bring more appropriate clients to your private practice.  Clients will see you and ask for you.  Your skills will stand out like they never would when you were an employee. 

Shift your mindset and come join Full Spectrum Healing Today!  Please enter your information in our contact page.  You’re welcome to call and leave a message as well.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is such a unique field that I am proud to be a part of. 

In the past 20 years the clinical, medical model seems to have shed our unique application of crafts, and leisure activities in order to fit into clinic settings, and meet the productivity demands of insurance. 

Full Spectrum Healing  is committed to the functional application of skills gained in therapy and thereby stands out from other providers by meeting our clients where they are.  We are seeking to hire therapists skilled in pediatric clients.  We are also interested in OTs who feel prepared to assess and treat adults who are challenged by sensory processing disorders and identify as “highly sensitive “  If you are trained in pelvic floor therapy, we need you too!

We are also looking for therapists skilled in working with traumatic brain injuries. 

OTRs are free to hire assistants to staff your caseload, within the requirements of our license. 

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy provides such foundational skills training for all stages of development.  Full Spectrum Healing provides the freedom and flexibility that you may find lacking in your current situation.  Serving clients in both medical and wellness capacities allows you to bridge the gap that causes clients to falter after discharge. 

This service model will allow you to apply your skills in any specialty area.

We currently have a need for pelvic floor therapists. PTs are free to  hire assistants to staff your caseload within the requirements of your license. 

Speech Therapy

Speech Language Pathologists play a vital role in all stages of human development . Our clinicians serve all ages in therapeutic and wellness capacities.  Settings may include home, school or work, which helps clients integrate skills in the settings where various roles are applied. This model provides direct access to caregivers who support the clients functional application. 

SLPs are free to hire assistants to staff your caseload, within the requirements of your license. 

Adventure Buddy

If you are a graduate of an associates or bachelor’s degree program pertaining to: child development, special education, kinesiology, personal training, or sports coaching, we have opportunities for you!

Our Adventure Buddies provide direct support that bridges the gap between therapy and a child’s inclusion in day care, school or sports and creative activities such as dance classes. We will match your unique skills with a child who needs your support. Bilingual and sign language skills are a plus! 

Massage Therapy

We are seeking to align with massage therapists, and cranial sacral practitioners to provide support to our families.  Your inclusion in our team allows parents To schedule the self-care they need. 


In occupational therapy we specialize in improving the experiences of picky eaters, to restore health and wellness. Many of our families are challenged by variations in food preferences among family members.  Some of our clients experience chronic constipation and urinary incontinence. 

We are seeking to align with nutritionists who are creative and passionate in their work with these families. 

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